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  • Product Photography
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Spinaxis Creative is an innovative studio specializing in advertising, graphic design, product photography, model photography and website development.


Spinaxis Creative provide Concept Development and Creative Direction for your advertising. We also supply Photography, Copywriting, Design and Media Planning. Our creative process insures your advertising hits the mark, using carefully thought out visuals and copywriting.

Graphic Design

Spinaxis Creative offers a full range of graphic design services: Logo Design, Brand Development, Brochures, Magazines, Catalogues, Advertisements, Signage, Packaging, Printing etc.
Our design philosophy is 'less is more', with a hint of embellishment to maintain visual interest. Pushing the boundaries of design, is a given and very importantly, our guidelines are always based on your businesses core values.

Product Photography

Spinaxis Creative specializes in product photography.
Although the change from film to digital photography has many benefits, there is one major difficulty that photographers or designers face, that is the issue of colour. We have spent many years refining the process of digital photography and colour correction, in order to supply images that look and print as accurate as possible.
Jewellery Photography, being one of the most difficult forms of product photography has it's own unique set of challenges. Shooting shadows, reflections and colours are some of the difficulties we've had to learn to perfect. We have developed a unique method of supplying deep etched photographs, for those clients that may wish to use a variety of coloured or textured backgrounds.
Selling your product is priority to us, so careful consideration is given to lighting and positioning.

A Screened and Approved Member of SA-Photographers

Model Photography

Model photography, done either in studio or on site, adds another dimension to any product catalogue. It maximises your potential to sell product by creating an emotional tie with the buyer. Model photography also helps position your brand, just where you need it, by portraying various moods and settings.

Fully Responsive Website Development

Spinaxis Creative supply unique designs, no existing templates are used.
We understand that a potential clients perception, is formed within a couple of seconds. They choose very quickly whether to browse or to move on, in search for a better option. Therefore, our aim is to create websites that hold your clients attention and build an element of trust. That are clean, easy to use, mobile friendly and most importantly, sell your product. We complete the website development by providing Search Engine Optimizing packages, that can be performed once off or as often as desired.


  Overview of Services

Advertising Concepts
Creative Direction
Graphic Design & Layout for:
-   Email Marketing
-   Billboard Advertisements
-   Magazine Advertisements
-   Newspaper Advertisements
-   Street Pole Advertisements
Media Planning
Graphic Design
Logo Design
Brand Development
Business Cards
Vehicle Signage
Packaging Design
CD & CD Inserts
Product Photography
Advertising Photography
Portrait Photography
Model Photography
Wedding Photography
Landscape Photography
Architectural Photography
Website Development
Design of Static Websites
Database Driven Websites
Mobile Websites
SEO (Search Engine Optimizing)
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