Fully Responsive Website Design & Development

Spinaxis Creative supply unique Fully Responsive Website Designs, developed directly from your Logo or Branding. We understand that a clients perception, is formed within a couple of seconds. They choose very quickly whether to browse or to move on, in search for a better option. Therefore, our aim is to create websites that hold your clients attention and build an element of trust. That are clean, easy to use, mobile friendly and most importantly, sell your product. We complete the website development by providing Search Engine Optimizing packages, that can be performed once off or as often as desired.
Fully Responsive Website Design
Due to the variety of digital devices available, website design has become Fully Responsive. This means that the design can no longer only function on a Desktop Computer but should also be able to adapt to a variety of devices.
The Development Process

Stage 1 - Website Plan
The first stage of website development is to create a plan. It is important to have in mind, what you would like to achieve in the future, thereby avoiding any costly changes.

Stage 2 - Look and Feel
Presuming you have an existing logo and basic set of brand guidelines, the look and feel of the website is designed. If you do not have an existing logo, it will have to be developed first. The feel of the website is developed with the logo in mind and the two need to work together. If no brand guidelines exist, the look and feel is then developed with the logo, and any added information you can supply about your company.

Stage 3 - Construction
With the look and feel complete, the website is then constructed. First the navigation, headers and footers. Followed by the pages and also any images that may need editing. At this point, if there is any need for database content or animations to be added, they are developed accordingly.

Stage 4 - Search Engine Optimizing (SEO)
With the construction complete, we now finish off the website with SEO. The purpose of SEO is to get your website to appear within relevant searches, on the first couple of pages. The initial phase of SEO includes Keyword Analysis & Descriptions, Google Sitemap, Search Engine Submissions and Link Building. For better website ranking, SEO can be repeated each month or as often as desired.
Website Design Rates

Static Websites
Due to the diversity within static websites, it's not possible to provide exact costs. However, you can come to an approximate costing by multiplying the number of pages your website will have by R1250. This is only for websites that have 5 or more pages. So if your website has 10 pages, it will cost approximately R12 500. This amount includes the Website Plan, Look and feel, Navigation and Construction. Any requirements for Flash (animations) or photography are quoted seperately.

Dynamic or Database Driven Websites
Because of the potential complexity and diversity of dynamic websites, each website needs to be planned and quoted on accordingly.
Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) Rates

Spinaxis Creative supply High Quality In-Content Links to boost your site’s ranking.
The initial phase of SEO includes Keyword Analysis, Descriptions, Google Sitemap and Search Engine Submissions.
The secondary phase is Link Building. It is extremely important to build high quality links to your website as poor quality links are often dropped. For better website ranking, SEO can be repeated each month or as often as desired.
Essential SEO

Keyword Analysis, Descriptions, Google Sitemap & Search Engine Submissions.
Based on a 10 page website.
Link Building

X 10 High Quality In-Content Links.
X 1 Dedicated Article.
It is recommended to build links every month.